Laurie helped us respect, understand and appreciate each other’s differences. A year later, we are married and expecting our first child!
— M&B

the relationship clinic is here to support you

We are passionate about helping people build healthy relationships.

Bring joy, connection and passion back to your relationships in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Increase your self-compassion and learn how to handle difficult emotions with greater ease. 

Couples counseling

In couples therapy you will experience communication with your partner without blame or criticism.

If you are feeling stuck in conflict, you will break your current pattern of conflict and begin to feel heard by your partner as you learn to share your feelings, desires and fears. 

Most importantly, couples therapy will help deepen your connection, bringing back joy and intimacy to your relationship. 

Individual therapy

In individual therapy, you will learn to create a conscious connection between you and those you love.

You will also learn how to handle difficult thoughts and feelings with compassion and understanding.

Most importantly, you will increase your self-compassion, reduce self-blame and criticism and learn to motivate yourself with encouragement.

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